Weekly diary

Perfumes I wore this week were Café Tuberosa, Olympea, Coromandel, Vetiver Fatal, Memoir Woman, Rose de Petra, What I did on my holidays, Ninfeo Mio amd Tommy The Girl.

Liver with onions at the greek

I did not cook a lot. We had pumpkin soup, a chicken curry with tamarind and coconut, damson crumble and cauliflower salad. Ah, and fried Maultaschen with egg and kimchi. We went to eat at the Greek restaurant and the waiter did not even bother to wear a mask at all… Saturday we met with friends at a Thai to eat outside and I had Pad Thai.

Effects of riding a recumbent bike for the first time

I tried to ride my recumbent and sadly fell, as I tried to do a u-turn. It did not even hurt, but at night my knee swole and next day the surgeon said it was the Meniskus again. So I had some rest and now it feels okay again. I tried again yesterday and managed nearly 10km without any accident. At least I had time to watch some Netflix

Weekly diary

Fall has finally started here, so I wore a mix of summer and fall scents. Fils de Dieu, Aromatics Elixir, thunked my decant of Jasmin Angélique, Rose de Petra, LADDM, Ajmal Evoke, which is a mix of Perles de Lalique and Bottega Veneta for my nose and Bronze Goddess Azur for sunday

Wine shopping

On my plate was fried cauliflower with paprika sausage, zucchini soup with Maultaschen, a big schnitzel with mushrooms and gratinated with cheese, some deer leg with red cabbage and dumplings and pasta aglio e olio.

Walking through the hills in the Nahe valley

We drove to the valley of the Nahe River, a region known for its white wines like Riesling. We visited 4 different wineries and bought a lot of wine for testing at home. Our hotel in Waldböckelheim was simple, but nice and quiet. They even drove us to dinner, so that we could have a glass… Or more and arranged a gratuitous transport back to the hotel. We also had time for a walk through the woods and hills near the Rotenfels, a very nice region.

On Sunday we went to Bonn and I bought a used recumbent bike. I thin I will need some practice to ride it. At the moment I am not able too.

Weekly diary

I was still mostly warm, so I wore Bracken Woman, Fils de Dieu, Acqua di Sale, Vintage Miss Dior and Chanel No19, Chypre Mousse, Gucci No3 and finally Dzing! for a wet and cold sunday

More biking and some fried apple rings with ice cream

We still have lots of tomatoes, so we ate Caprese salad, fried salmon steaks with cucumber salad, zucchini with tomato, pasta with homemade Bolognese sauce and Agriade de St. Gilley with beans and pasta.

I did a lot of biking this week. On Saturday the boyfriend and I biked 20km to a Besen Wirtschaft (the wine producers are allowed to serve food and wine to the public for just some weeks a year, so very rustic food). We ate traditional svabian tripe and roast potato and apple fritters for dessert.

On Sunday we spent much time on the couch, watching Once upon a time in America.

Weekly diary

Perfumes I wore this week were Chypre Mousse (twice), Aromatics Elixir, Mitsouko, Camelia Chinois, Sel Marin, Jasmin Angélique and What I did on my holidays

Homemade pizza

On my plate was a lot of capon and kisir salad leftovers from last Sunday, we made a risotto with peas, some pasta with tomato sauce, a lot of pizza and filled zucchini

I biked to work three days, so I had a lot of cardio workout. We harvested lots of tomatoes and have so much, that we cannot keep up eating them. Sadly nothing else happened here, so what do you do in this corona crisis?

Weekly diary

It was still hot this week, so I wore Jamine Angélique, Niki de Saint Phalle, Orange Sanguine layered with a drop of Bois de Vanille, Aromatics Elixir (which reminded a coworker of her therapists signature scent..), Empreinte, 4160Tuesdays What I did on my holidays, Coriandre and Covet.

A huge capon, cold Okroschka and a beer with a jazz singer

On my plate was Kisir, a Turkish bulgur salad, grilled zucchini, Russian cold Okroschka soup, which is just a salad in soups disguise. We made a big capon on Sunday with grapes and shallots and the last cooked potatoes were used for a Japanese potato salad… The capon weighed 3kg, so we will eat lots of cold meat next week, I think.

I biked to work two times, which is not bad in the heat but was too tired to do much else.

Weekly diary

Scents I wore this week were Memoire d’ une Odeur, Amouage Memoir Woman, SJP Lovely Sheer, Acqua di Sale, Ninfeo Mio, 4160Tuesdays What I did on my holidays, Vintage Chanel No19 and Jasmine Angélique

We did mostly light meals because of the heat like Insalata Caprese, zucchini frittata, lentil fritters, some Tortellini with pesto. I made some simple sushi rolls with tuna and mayo filling and gherkin salad adn some Turkish kisir bulgur salad on Sunday. And some Flammkuchen at a book reading in a winery.

I managed to bike to work on three days. On Sunday we went to a book reading of a famous cook about eating and living in Vienna. The cook was really charming and fun, although we did not buy his book

View from the bridge over the Neckar River, it was over 33 degrees Celsius….

Weekly diary

I tried to wear my most summery scents for the hot weather we had. Orange Sanguine, Jasmine Angélique, lots of EA Green Tea, Camelia Chinois, What I did on my Holidays was worn twice and Roma was funnily my most worn scent for warm weather this year.

We had lots of different salads this week… Watermelon and Feta, broccoli, sausage salad, Cole slaw. Some baked chicken legs with zucchini, bun noodles with herbs and minced meat and different vegetables twice, because we had leftovers. A pizza at the Italian restaurant and this evening we are planning some salmon steak.

I did two days of bike commute and had a test drive on a Brompton folding bike, which was a lot of fun, so I ordered a 6speed in racing green. I wonder when I will get it, because at the moment there are long lists for this bike.

The tomatoes have finally begun to ripen, so we will have lots of caprese and other tomato centric foods in the next weeks.

Weekly diary

Perfumes i wore this week: Untitled, Cabotine, Kenzo Amour, La Pausa (dislike), Iris Poudre (too elegant), Zoologist Elephant plus testing some fig perfumes like Premier Figuier, Ninfeo Mio, Figue Blanche and Fico d´India. I am still undecided, maybe i just stick with a few decants and don’t buy a FB. Sunday scent was Pour la Belle by Schlossparfümerie Stuttgart, a very classic and mossy chypre.


On my plate: Lamb and potatoes, oxtail stew with Semmelknödel, smothered fennel with gorgonzola and salsicchia, sausage salad, quark dumplings with rhubarb compote and tete de beau (veals head) with sauce gribiche and potatoes, raw broccoli salad with cheddar, peanuts and barberries. I made some “Seelen”, a typical Swabian bread roll for breakfast, soo good!

Creative: i did a lot for sewing preparation on saturday and cut two dresses, one nightshirt and a muslin for a denim skirt. I finished the nightshirt and also finished my mashup Concord/Plantain T-shirt from a special fabric with little sushi rolls.

img_20200508_065706I think the pattern now fits really good, so i finally have a good fitting t-shirt pattern. Next time i will shorten the sleeves a bit.

I wore a lot of remade clothes this week, because i try to participate in “memademay”, where sewists all over the world are wearing their own creations this month. Its also inspiring to look at all the photos at instagram.

Weekly diary

Getragen/Worn: Ambre de Merveilles, Felanilla, Ambre Russe (für Silvester/for New Years Eve), Bianchi Under my skin, Tangier Vanille, Niki de Saint Phalle, Empreinte, Zagorsk.

In der Schlossparfümerie Stuttgart habe ich Pour La Belle getestet. Hierbei handelt es sich um eine Eigenproduktion der Parfümerie. Es wird wohl in Grasse bei Micallef vertrieben. Ein wirklich moosiger Chypre mit einem kräutereigen Auftakt mit Koriander, dann einige unsüsse Blumen (Ylang, Jasmin, Rose) und danach die volle Eichenmoosdröhnung. Die Vorgabe an die Verkäuferin war “etwas animalisches mit Zibet”, das ist wohl auch enthalten, steht aber nicht in der Duftpyramide. Der Duft hat aber definitiv einen gewissen RRRR- Faktor. Zudem ist die Haltbarkeit wirklich gut. Abends um fünf aufgesprüht, viel geschwitzt und am Morgen war es noch immer deutlich riechbar. Zudem ein Schnäppchen mit 100ml für 90€….

I went perfume testing during the weekend and went to the Schlossparfümerie in Stuttgart. They have a own perfume line and i testet their “pour la Belle”, a very mossy chypre with some animalic undertones. It has notes of herbs (coriander), followed by some un-sweet florals (rose, Jasmin, ylang) and the base is extremely mossy. As i sought something with civet, it seems to be contained too, although its not mentioned in the pyramid. But it has the certain roar-factor. Longevitiy is very good, i could smell it for nearly 18h on my skin .For 100ml and 90€ its a good deal too.


Auf dem Teller: Pasta mit Broccoli und Huhn, Linsensuppe mit Tamarinde und Ingwer, Saure Kutteln mit Ofenkartoffeln, Kalbsleber und Stampfkartoffeln, Avgolemonosopa. Zu Silvester gab es Feldsalat mit Trüffelburrata, hausgemachte Nudeln mit Petersilie-Walnusspesto, Schokomousse mit Granatapfelkernen.

On the plate: Pasta with broccoli and chicken, lentil soup with tamarind and ginger, tripes with oven potatoes, veals liver with mashed potatoes, greek avgolemonosopa. For New Years Eve we had salad with truffled burrata, homemade pasta with pesto, mousse au chocolate.

Selbst gemacht: Der Kielo Wrap Dress ist endlich fertig, ganz zufrieden bin ich allerdings nicht. Und ein zweites T-Shirt für meinen Bruder habe ich noch fertiggemacht. Diesmal mit etwas verschmälerten Schultern. Finally i finished the Kielo Wrap dress, but i am not 100% pleased with the fit. Its comfy nontheless. And i made a second shirt for my brother, this time with a narrower shoulder.

Top 5 Scents 2019

Letztes Jahr habe ich richtig Buch geführt, welche Düfte ich täglich getragen habe. Vielleicht ein bisschen zwanghaft, aber doch ganz aufschlussreich, wozu man so im Laufe eines Jahres am meisten greift. Daher nun ….. tadaaaaah! Die Gewinner!


Fils de Dieu von ELDO liegt mit 13x ganz vorne, kein Wunder, denn diesen asiatisch-frischen Zitrus-Reis-Gourmand kann man im Sommer und Winter prima tragen. Der Platz 2 geht an den Cheapie Covet von SJP mit 11x.  Auch hier wieder relativ wetterunabhängig zu tragen, die Lavendel-Schokonote mit viel Grün geht ausser bei totaler Hitze eigentlich täglich… Ebenfalls 11x habe ich Felanilla von Pierre Guillaume gesprüht, den finde ich bei kaltem Wetter echt kuschelig.

Mit 10x ist L´Air de Rien ebenfalls ziemlich weit vorne gelandet. Ich mag diese staubig-pudrige Mischung aus Orangenblüte, Patchouli und etwas ungewaschener Kopfhaut!

9x getragen wurde Terracotta von Guerlain sowie auch Marginal Untitled L´Eau, beides eher klassische Sommerdüfte. Die hintersten Plätze mit 1x getragen teilen sich Musc Ravageur, Mitsouko (finde ich schwierig, der Pfirsich wird bei mir total bitter), Tangier Vanille von Aerin und Un Crime Exotique von PG (bin kein Lebkuchen).

Last year i documented my daily scents and now i can do my yearly statistics. Most worn is Fils de Dieu by ELDO, because fresh citrus and gourmand rice notes go with nearly every weather, even in summer. Second place goes to Covet by SJP, because i like this oddball perfume a lot, it can be worn in colder and warmer temps, but not in the heat. My colder weather scents are definitely Felanilla by PG and L´Air de Rien. I must love dusty-powdery scents with an animalic note a lot, i guess. For summer i wore a lot of Terracotta and Margiela Untitled L´Eau. I even used up my Margiela decant and am pondering a full bottle for next summer.

Last places with one wear go to Musc Ravageur (i don’t know when to wear it), Mitsouko (a difficult scent to wear on my skin, the peach gets bitter…), Tangier Vanille by Aerin (nice, but nothing special) and Un Crime Exotique (i am no peppernut ).

Weekly statistics

Perfume: Jicky EdP, SJP Covet, Madonna Truth or Dare, L´Air de Rien, Aramis Calligraphy Saffron, Musks Koublai Khan, Niki de Saint Phalle Eau Defendu

Auf dem Teller/Kitchen: Kichererbsenpfannkuchen mit Ölsardinenaufstrich, Chili con Carne, Tortellini al Forno beim Italiener, Wirsing mit Hackfleisch. Chickpea pancakes with oil sardine spread, Chili con carne, Tortellini al forno at the Italian restaurant, Savoy cabbage with minced meat


Grosse Kürbisernte im Garten, die grossen Walfische heissen Piena di Napoli und wiegen ca 15-20kg. Okay, es wird wohl viel Kürbis geben…. We harvested our pumpkins in our allotment. The green big ones are called Piena di Napoli and weigh around 15kg each. We will have a lot of pumpkin recipes to try.

Audiobook: Der Gesang der Flusskrebse, ein Krimi, der mit einer Geschichte vom Aufwachsen eines Mädchens in den Marschgebieten von Carolina verbunden ist. Ich bin noch nicht ganz durch, aber es ist durchaus fesselnd, wenn auch manchmal nicht ganz glaubhaft, wie überlebt eine Sechsjährige so gut wie alleine in der Marsch??

Right now i am hearing Delia Owens- Where the Crawdads sing, about a girl living in the marsh of Carolina. This is mixed with a crime story about the death of a man, that she once had a relationship with. It is a good “read”, although sometimes its not very believable (a six-year old living alone in the marsh???). I have not finished the book, but so far i like it a lot.

Weekly statistics – Burgund edition

Perfume: Memoire d´une Odeur 2x, Avon Eve Elegance (used up), Ajmal Evoke, Narciso for Her, Green Tea, Batucada

Auf dem Teller: Linseneintopf mit Merguez, Niere in Senfsahne, Ravioli mit gebackenem Blumenkohl, Boeuf Bourginon, Pasta mit selbstgemachter Tomatensauce, Moros y Christianos. Cooked: Lentil pot with Merguez, Kidneys in mustard and cream sauce, Ravioli with baked cauliflower, Boeuf Bourgignon, Pasta with homemade tomato sauce, Moros y Cristianos

Sightseeing :


Avallon (nein, nicht Artus Avalon…), mit schönem mittelalterlichem Stadtkern, Stadtmauer und einem hochinteressanten Kostümmuseum. Lauter Originalgewänder von ca 1700 bis zur Neuzeit. Sehenswert. Avallon is a nicely situated medieval city with murals, old buildings and an interesting museum for historic fashion. They have lots of original clothes, dating from 1700 to now. Worth a visit!


Guédelon, ein archäologisches Projekt, das den Bau einer Burg des 13. Jahrhunderts mit den Mitteln der selben Zeit durchführt. Inzwischen sind 20 Jahre verstrichen, es ist immer noch nicht fertig. Es gibt viele Werkstätten zu bestaunen, vom Steinmetz bis zum Schmid und Seiler ist alles vertreten, was der Bauherr so brauchte. Auch toll für Kinder… In Guédelon you can see an archeologic project, as they are building a medieval castle with mediaval techniques. Until now they worked on it for 20years and its not finished. You can visit lots of craftsmen shops like smiths, ropers and others.


Abtei von Fontenay, ein wunderbar erhaltenes Klosterensemble aus dem Mittelalter, vom Heiligen Bernhard gegründet. Wunderschöne romanische Kirche, Kapitelsaal, Schlafsaal, alte Schmiede etc. Dazu noch ein sehr schöner Garten. Zu Recht ein Weltkulturerbe! Fontenay Abbey is a mediaval complex containing a church, a sleeping room for the monks, a room for work, a big house for the blacksmiths and much more. Surrounded by beautiful gardens in a lovely valley. A World heritage site for sure!


Vézelay war einst ein wichtiger Ort am Jakobsweg und hat seine mittelalterliche Struktur gut erhalten. Kaum Autos im Stadtzentrum zugelassen. Geschmackvolle Souvenirshops. Wunderbare Aussicht ins umgebende Gelände. Die romanische Kirche ist ebenfalls sehenswert. Vézelay once was an important stop at the route to Compostela and still has a mediaval structure. The dome is romanic and really beautiful. 





Weekly statistics

Parfum: Zoologist Elephant, Liquides Imaginaires Tellus, MM Untitled, Rogue Perfumery Champs Lunaires, AG Petite Cherie, Terracotta

Auf dem Teller: Tafelspitzaufschnitt, Zucchinipuffer, Hühnerschenkel mit Kartoffeln und Zucchini aus dem Ofen, Bulgogi beim Koreaner, Tomatensalat mit Thunfisch, türkische Linsensuppe mit Joghurt, Schmorgurken mit Hackfleisch

Food: cold boiled beef, zucchini fritters, chicken legs with potato and zucchini, Bulgogi at the Korean restaurant, tomato salad with tuna, Turkish lentil soup with yoghurt, braised gherkins with hashed beef.


Buch und Film: Der Fledermausmann von Nesbo, ich versuche mal die ganze Serie zu lesen. Aktuell bin ich bei “Kakerlaken”. “Sherlock” auf Netflix, weil ich die Stimme von Cumberbatch sehr gerne mag. Bin allerdings noch unentschlossen ob er nun gut oder seltsam aussieht, wahrscheinlich trifft beides zu…

Books and films: I am starting the Harry Hole series by Nesbo, i finished “The Bat”, now reading “Cockroaches”. Watching “Sherlock” on Netflix, because i love the voice of Cumberbatch. Still undecided if he is good-looking or looks a big strange. I think both….


Rogue Perfumery – Chypre-Siam


Bei Now Smell This erwähnte eine Parfumista, dass sie aktuell eine tolle Probe von Rogue Perfumery hätte, nämlich das  Chypre-Siam. Offensichtlich ist der Parfumeur einer der dies zunächst eher als Hobby betrieben hat. Jedenfalls wird auf der Seite angegeben, dass er nicht-IFRA-konforme Düfte komponiert. In diesem Fall wohl mit eher höheren Anteilen von Eichenmoos. Das Ganze fand ich so interessant, dass ich blind aus Amerika bestellt habe.

Als Noten sind angegeben: Kaffirlimette, Basilikum, Jasmin und Ylang auf einer Basis von Eichenmoos, Sandelholz, Benzoin, Leder und Zibet.

Der Duft beginnt grün und frisch durch die Limettennote, wirkt auch ein bisschen kräuterig. Mit der Zeit kommen dann noch einige weisse Blüten, wobei die Blumigkeit eher schwächer ausgeprägt ist, ich kann aber den Ylang relativ deutlich herausriechen. Die trocken-grüne Grundnote von Eichenholz wird durch ein bisschen Sandelholz und Benzoin leicht gemildert, der Duft wird aber nie süss. Ein winziges bisschen erinnert es mich an Private Collection, von dem ich einen Vintage Mini habe, aber mit einem thailändischen Einschlag und mehr blumig als grün.

Some months ago a perfumista on the NST board mentioned a scent from an independent perfumer, using non-IFRA amounts of oak moss. I was hooked by this and blind-ordered a bottle from the USA.

The top notes are kaffir-lime and basil, heart notes are jasmine and ylang and the base is oak moss, sandalwood, benzoin, leather and civet.

The scent starts with some green and citrus notes and gets a little peppery from the basil. Some minutes later the first flowers are getting through, but although there is mostly ylang for my nose, it doesn’t get too overpowering and sweet, a rare feature for those notes. Then i mostly get lots of dry and green oak moss, with a slight balsamic note (benzoin?). It is a bit like the tropical  and more flowery sister of EL Private Collection, of which i have a vintage mini.