Weekly diary

Perfumes this week were:Cabotine from a new bottle, Untitled L’Eau, Tauer Orange Star, which I did not like a lot, Pour La Belle from the Schlossparfumerie Stuttgart, LADDM, Azurée and Mitsouko.

On my plate was some pizza at the restaurant, the first time eating out in weeks. Homemade caprese salad, Oktopus salad. The boyfriend make Ottolenghis eggplant risotto. Pumpkin fritters with yogurt sauce, a roasted carrot soup with fried Hungarian salami and some lentil salad with zucchini and salted lemons.

Pumpkin fritters

I wore memade clothing every day for #memademay and was quite content with the most of my clothes, especially with the new denim skirt I sewed.

Weekly diary

Perfumes worn:Reminiscence Musk with its funny cumarin note, Aromatics Elixir, Messe de Minuit, which smells like an incense toilet cleaner on me, Camellia Chinois, Vintage Miss Dior, Chypre Mousse for World Goth day, Florabotanica, Ajmal Evoke, Montale White Musk, topped up with Musks Koublai Khan.

On my plate:Tortilla Espanola, Baked Aubergine rolls with cheese, asparagus with sauce gribiche, a French beef stew with capers, gherkins and anchovies from the Camargue region, chicken with apricots and lavender from a Diana Henry recipe and a rhubarb crumble for dessert.

I made another Mirri dress and finished another Ellis skirt from a Cashmerette pattern on Saturday and cut the fabric for another Lenox shirtdress.

Weekly diary

Perfumes worn :Covet, Fourreau Noir, Calligraphy Saffron, MKK, L’Air de Rien, Ambre de Merveilles, Orange Sanguine, Roma

On my plate: broccoli salad with cheddar, lentil soup with sausage, pumpkin soup, because we have lots of frozen pumpkin from our garden in the freezer, fried zucchini antipasto, smothered fennel with Gorgonzola, asparagus with salmon Creme, aubergine bake with noodles and minced meat, noodle salad with tuna and roasted broccoli

It’s still Memademay and I am wearing self made clothes every day. As you can see, I love stripes!

I finally finished my new Teahouse dress in a wild matrioschka print and made a wearable muslin of the cashmerette Ellis skirt, but I misread the fly construction, so I have to wear the shirt over it.

Teahouse dress in a wild printed cotton

We spent Sunday afternoon in our garden planting lots of zucchini, pumpkins and gherkins, still have to plant the tomatoes.

Weekly diary

Perfumes i wore this week: Untitled, Cabotine, Kenzo Amour, La Pausa (dislike), Iris Poudre (too elegant), Zoologist Elephant plus testing some fig perfumes like Premier Figuier, Ninfeo Mio, Figue Blanche and Fico d´India. I am still undecided, maybe i just stick with a few decants and don’t buy a FB. Sunday scent was Pour la Belle by Schlossparfümerie Stuttgart, a very classic and mossy chypre.


On my plate: Lamb and potatoes, oxtail stew with Semmelknödel, smothered fennel with gorgonzola and salsicchia, sausage salad, quark dumplings with rhubarb compote and tete de beau (veals head) with sauce gribiche and potatoes, raw broccoli salad with cheddar, peanuts and barberries. I made some “Seelen”, a typical Swabian bread roll for breakfast, soo good!

Creative: i did a lot for sewing preparation on saturday and cut two dresses, one nightshirt and a muslin for a denim skirt. I finished the nightshirt and also finished my mashup Concord/Plantain T-shirt from a special fabric with little sushi rolls.

img_20200508_065706I think the pattern now fits really good, so i finally have a good fitting t-shirt pattern. Next time i will shorten the sleeves a bit.

I wore a lot of remade clothes this week, because i try to participate in “memademay”, where sewists all over the world are wearing their own creations this month. Its also inspiring to look at all the photos at instagram.

Weekly diary

What I wore: Kenzo Jungle(still a bit much for me), MM Untitled, Vintage Opium, L’ Air de Rien, LADDM, Vanille Insensée, Hilfiger The Girl

On my plate : pasta con ragu Bolognese, mushroom and asparagus Omelett, chicken paprikash, Hummus, homemade pizza, asparagus with vinaigrette, potatoes soup with sausage and Majoran, lamb shoulder with roast potatoes and minted peas

Made: I finally finished two boxer shorts for the boyfriend and sewed two t-shirts for myself.

And I gave myself another haircut, because my hair was way to long and I hate when it gets partly wavy.

Weekly diary

This week I wore only scents from my bottles, no decants. Vintage Miss Dior, Fils de Dieu, CK One 2017, Niki de Saint Phalle with my zodiac sign, Lovely Sheer, Assam of India and Chypre Siam

All my bottles this week

On my plate : chicken legs with beet salad, pumpkin soup with lentils, sausage salad, asparagus quiche, asparagus with herbed quark, savoy and chickpea curry in coconut milk, chickpea omelet with ham

Asparagus quiche

Made: I finally finished another shirt from blue and white chequered seersucker for the boyfriend and made buttonholes the first time on my new machine. They turned out great.

Weekly diary

Worn: Sandflowers layered with Acqua di Sale, Roma, Terracotta, Fils de Dieu, Granville (still reminds me of a rheumatism ointment, but classier), Lovely Sheer, Bracken Woman, Florabotanica

On my plate: coleslaw, broccoli soup, bun with veggie burger, pumpkin soup with curry, lentils and coconut milk, salmon with noodles, asparagus and tuna sauce, fresh baked seeded rolls (the boyfriend badly burned his thumb and has a big blister)

Made: I am sewing some underpants for the boyfriend and have cut out another shirt for him.

Watched:I started watching the series Bones. I have read Reichs books, but this is just loosely related to them. Anyway it’s fun to watch

Done: our whole practice had to be tested for Covid after having contact, so we had to line up at the test center outside on the sidewalk, all wearing masks, looked funny….